The News

21.04.2009 Changed the e-mail adress
28.10.2005 Changed the e-mail adress and removed the guestbook
02.02.2005 The site got a new home at Removed the poll and updated some links
30.10.2004 Added 2 links
13.12.2003 Added a poll, right here under the news
01.12.2003 Added a link, modified download links
23.10.2003 Updated (installer was added)
16.10.2003 Added a counter and a picture of the third member
04.10.2003 Big redesign of the page. Everything new!
06.06.2003 4 new screenshots We are now in the endphase of programming, so there won´t be an update for the next 2 weeks. But check back at the end of june, to download the game!
05.05.2003 Added 3 all new screenshots of the particle system
30.04.2003 Mass screenshot update
01.04.2003 Translated in german
30.03.2003 Added a guestbook, one new screenshot, updated the character section
18.03.2003 Added Picture
17.03.2003 Added 2 Screenshots
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