The terrain  
First terrain approach. Some problems with texture coordinates
After solving the problem with the texture coordinates. So it looks like when you think your graphics card has 4 texture units, but it really does have only 2.
The result. The multitexted terrain with a skybox in the background and some objects. These objects will be replaced by trees, ....
The water
This was our first water attempt. It is not used anymore in the game :( ... but we have another water now :)
The game
The progress
Big jump forward, big picture. Here you can see the first palms, the main character (well, with some texture problem) and the rings (encapsulated by the small spheres!). Every object is surrounded by the bounding sphere which will be used for collision detection. The red and blue triangles at the ground are used for debugging purposes.
The heads up display. Nothing more to say about this image. Enjoy it ;)
A just-for-fun-screenshot. Shows what happens when you change the perspective projection to a orthographic one.
Until now the island wasnīt very tropical. Here it is. The hero (no texture problem any more :)) stands on a mountain to look into the valley. At the end you can see a few palms and the glimmer of the rings. The glimmer is implemented with the help of a particle system.
The giraffe from the front, so you can make you a picture of him. Because the sun is burning hot he wanted to cool down in the shadow of a palm. But whereīs the shadow? Thatīs another story.
The Game
Particle system
This effect is used for the glimmer of the rings.
This flames are used to indicate the home of the giraffe. This flame is for the green home ... thatīs why it burns green.
When you are loosing the rings, they will fly away and leave this cool trail.
The Game
Here you can see two ants (from the bad jack gang) attacking the player. You can also see the the bad jack HQ. In the upper left corner you can see a symbol which means that the player canīt be hurt at the time.
Thatīs a screenshot from the ending sequence when you have won.
And that ... well ... thatīs when you have lost :(

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