Here are some infos for programmer´s

First: The game was entirely coded with Visual C++

The Graphics
For the 3D graphics we used OpenGL. The game features
multipass multitexturing (for the terrain)
particle system
projected shadows
simple water effect
vertex arrays & display lists

The Sound

For the sound we simply used the sound library from pLib.

The Rest
Because it should not only be a graphics demo we needed some additional things, like
Milkshape modell loader (which supports keyframe animation)
AI for the opponent giraffes and the other enemies
Level editor

The Sourcecode
Because we don´t have anything to hide and it maybe usefull to one of you, you can download the entire sourcecode in the download section.

Note: the zip- file contains only our sourcecode for visual studio .net.
For correctly compiling and running the game you also need the following libraries: GLU32.LIB GLAUX.LIB OPENGL32.LIB sl.lib ul.lib
sl.lib ul.lib are the libraries from the soundlibrary of pLib.

One final warning. The sourcecode is sometimes a little messy, because we were in a little hurry to complete the game within 4 months.

Any suggestions? Mail to: